Ahi Ruby Rare- $13.00
Ahi rubbed with a blackening spice & seared. Served with Wasabi & Ginger.

BBQ Albacore- $12.95
Albacore in a spicy Durango sauce flash grilled, served rare. Topped with tobiko & green onions.

Hamachi Kama- $11.95
Fresh Hamachi collar grilled & glazed with teriyaki sauce. Topped with tobiko & green onions.

Assorted Sashimi- $16.50
10 pieces of our freshest fish of the day. Served with Wasabi & Ginger. Add $4 to specify fish.

Gyoza- $7.95
Japanese style pot Stickers Stuffed with Pork & Vegetables. Served with Gyoza Dipping Sauce.

Fried Tofu- $9.00
Tofu tossed in Panko crumbs deep fried. Topped with Shitake mushrooms & Teriyaki sauce.

Panko Crusted Calamari- $10.50
Calamari tossed in Panko crumbs & deep fried. Served with EJ for dipping.

Shrimp & Veggie Tempura- $11.50
Large shrimp & assorted veggies tempura fried. Served with tempura dipping sauce. Add $3 for all shrimp
Edamame- $4.50
Steamed soybeans in their husks sprinkled with salt. *Flash Sauté in a Teriyaki & Garlic sauce for additional $1
Soft Shell Crab- $16.95
Soft shell crab tossed in flour & flash fried. Served with Ponzu in a Martini Glass. Sprinkled with Tobiko & Green Onion. Chicken

Teriyaki Appetizer- $12.95
Chicken breast grilled & glazed with our house made teriyaki sauce. Served with Rice. Kid Friendly Portion.



Miso Soup- $3.00

Miso soup sprinkled with green onion, tofu, & kombu.

Ocean Salad- $4.50

Three Kinds of seaweed marinated in sesame oil & a light citrus dressing.

Sunamono Salad- $4.50 

Thinly Sliced cucumbers dressed with a rice wine vinegar.

Joe’s Touch- $4.50

Shredded cabbage drizzled with a sweet ginger dressing. Topped with Macadamia Nuts, Green Onion & sesame seeds.



Hand Grenade- $9.50
Two large butterflied prawns wrapped around rice. Topped with bay shrimp & EJ. Baked. Served on an orange slice & sprinkled with togarashi.

Green Lip Mussels- $9.95
Four Mussels topped with EJ. Baked. Dotted with sriracha & a splash of ponzu. Sprinkled with green onions.

Sunrise- $10.00
Two Pieces of Ahi wrapped around rice. Filled with tobiko. Topped with a Quail egg.

Scallop Flowers- $9.50

Two Pieces of Ahi wrapped around rice. Stacked with scallops & EJ. Sprinkled with Togarashi, Tobiko & green onion.

Quail Egg Shooter- $6.95
Cold Sake, Tobiko, Ponzu, Green Onion, Sriracha & Quail Egg Served as a shot.

Santa Cruz Float- $15.00
Scallops, Salmon, Kani Kama, Shrimp & Miso Ginger Sauce. Baked. Stuffed into a hollowed out Orange. Topped with Tobiko, Green Onion & Orange pieces.

Venus on a ½ Shell- $13.95
Scallops, Kani Kama, Shitake Mushrooms, Green Onion, & Tobiko. Mixed with Miso Ginger Sauce. Baked. Served on a ½ shell.

Dragon Balls- $14.95
Two Inari pockets stuffed with Dungeness crab, Kani, Ahi, Sriracha, EJ & Rice. Tempura fried. Sliced & topped with Green Onion, Tobiko, Tsume, & EJ.

Red & White Roll- $16
Ahi, Albacore, Hamachi, Kani Kama & Avocado rolled without rice. Flash Tempura Fried. Served With Sriracha, EJ, & Ponzu for Dipping.





4:00pm — 9:00pm (Curbside Pickup Only)

Closed Sundays


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